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Who needs a BigBox?

Selling Your House

When it comes to furniture and other possessions, when selling a house, ‘less is more’. The more minimalist the ‘look’ you can create, the more spacious your living areas will appear. Putting non-essential items into short-term storage can also make it much easier to undertake the sort of renovations and updates that will make your property more attractive to potential purchasers.

Paying too much for a storage unit

The typical self-storage unit costs $35 per week and more, but many people are paying for much more space than they really need. The typical self-storage unit is less than 50% utilized.

A BigBox 12 cubic meter storage unit may be all you require, at just $20.00 per week.

In care

Older people may move to a supported living facility, without wanting to sell their home or personal possessions. Storing furniture and personal items can mean the home is rentable – meeting rates and maintenance costs.

No room for your car in the garage

Having too much ‘stuff’ is only a problem when it becomes an issue, and the first symptom of the ‘too much stuff’ problem is when there is no room for your car in the garage.

At that point, you face three choices:

  1. Do your best to ignore the problem, and the associated relationship issues often associated with ‘clutter’.
  2. Dispose of the things you are not using, or no longer want or need
  3. Store the items you are not currently using, but intend to use again

With BigBox, your precious things are just a phone call away ─ available to you at a week’s notice and without any re-delivery charges after three continuous months of storage.

A garaged car depreciates much less, so what you save on car damage will generally more than pay for your BigBox.

Building or renovating

If you like to purchase items on an ‘opportunistic’ basis prior to building or renovating, then BigBox can provide a safe storage solution until these items can be used. ‘Living in a construction site’ can also be much easier when non-essential items are placed in safe storage during the building process.

Downsizing, or moving to a unit

It usually takes a few months to ‘get settled’ in a smaller home or unit, and it can often be wise to store excess furniture and other possessions for a few months to determine which items ‘work’ in the new environment, and which do not.


Moving from A to B? There are many options. You can do it yourself, hire a utility, hire ‘a man with a van’, or hire a furniture removalist. Or there’s BigBox Within the same town or city, you can move for less than $300, depending upon the size of the job, and your scheduling requirements. This fee includes up to one week of storage if required. BigBox is an ideal solution if moving out and moving in days are different.

House swaps

You may wish to swap your home for a period, but you may have some particular possessions you do not wish to share. These can be placed in secure storage, and retrieved when you return.

Extended holiday

You may be planning an extended holiday. Storing your furniture and personal items can allow you to gain income from a short-term rental. The rental income you earn will far exceed your storage costs!

Business storage

You can store most things in a BigBox, provided they meet the Guidelines for Contents outlined on this website. The boxes are lockable, and can be set at ground level for ease of loading. They are perfect for moving and/or temporarily storing office equipment, office records, inventory, supplies, and displays.

If you wish to remove items from your BigBox storage unit, then book a delivery for the scheduled day for your area, and our driver will assist you to remove the items you want, and return the unit to storage on a 30 minute turnaround. Longer turnarounds cost $50 per hour or part thereof, or, if you prefer, your BigBox can be picked up on the scheduled day in one week’s time.

Full-time student

Many students have unique storage needs. At the end of each year, and during the summer holidays, they may have to vacate their room in a residential college. BigBox can provide a small storage unit for pick up at the beginning of the holidays, and return at the beginning of the new semester.

Working overseas

You are working overseas on contract for a specified period. BigBox your personal possessions, and store them for when you return. Storing will generally be cheaper than selling and re-purchasing later on.

Emergency services

If your carpets are saturated, and need drying, what do you do with all your furniture? Emergencies do cost more, because they cannot be efficiently scheduled, but if you have an immediate, unexpected need for secure property storage, BigBox provides a 24-hour service by quotation. Your BigBox can remain at your property for up to seven days, or be stored at our secure facility.

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