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Storage Contract & Insurance

Box: A BigBox storage module.BigBox: The Registered Trading Name BigBox Storage & Shipment Systems; also a storage box provided by the Company, available in the following sizes:-BigBox 1: 1200x700x1800mm (1.5 cubic meters)

-BigBox 2: 1800x1800x1800mm (5.5 cubic meters)

-BigBox 3: 2400x1800x1800mm (7.5 cubic meters)

-BigBox 4: 3600x1800x1800 (11.5 cubic meters)

BigBox Secure Storage Facility: A security fenced, video monitored, alarmed storage warehouse owned and operated by BigBox Storage & Shipment Systems.

Customer: A person or an incorporated business with a contractual agreement with BigBox Storage & Shipment Systems for the storage of its possessions.

Delivery and Pick-up Fees: A fee charged in the event of a re-delivery where no credits have accumulated for keeping a Box in storage for three continuous months.

Fees: The storage fees outlined on the BigBox website, applicable at the time of publication, but subject to amendment without notice from time to time.

Nominated (or Scheduled) Delivery/Pick-up Day: A scheduled delivery or pick-up day.

Hazardous Goods Declaration: An undertaking by the Customer not to store listed items not considered safe or suitable for storage at the BigBox Secure Storage Facility.

Storage Box: A BigBox storage module.

Storage Fee/s: See Scheduled Fee.

The Company: BigBox Storage & Shipment Systems, a Registered Trading Name of On Track Business Diagnostics Pty Ltd.

General Contract Conditions

In return for the payments of storage fees and delivery and pick-up fees, BigBox agrees to deliver, on the Nominated Day, up to three storage boxes to any nominated residential or business address, and to return to that site, collect the boxes on the Nominated Day in seven days’ time and transport the boxes to the BigBox secure storage facility.

The contract between the Customer and BigBox is secured by:

1. Agreeing to the conditions set forth in this Agreement, as evidenced by the Customer signing a written copy;

2. The Customer signing the BigBox Prohibited Items Declaration.

3. Paying (in full) the Quarterly Fee Payable in Advance.

Boxes can be ordered at any time on a first-in basis, but supply is subject to availability.

A maximum number of three (3) boxes will be supplied to any single account holder.

The Contract Period is the number of months for which storage has been pre-paid by the Customer. The minimum initial contract period is 3 months, renewable monthly thereafter, and paid in advance.

Following the expiry of the initial three months, and in the absence of any instruction from the Customer, the Contract will automatically extend by a further 3 months and the Customer will be billed the Scheduled Fee for that period.

One week prior to the expiry of a storage contract, BigBox will contact the customer to determine whether he or she wishes to extend the contract, or discontinue the service.

During the period of the Contract, the Customer agrees to notify the Company of any changes of contact details, including e-mails, phone numbers or address.

Customers may insure the contents of their box at their own cost if they elect to do so. Big Box! will provide any information the customer’s insurer requires.

Initial Delivery

On the day of delivery, but prior to the Customer’s Box being delivered to the Customer’s property, the Customer will:

(1) Sign a printed copy of these Agreed Terms and Conditions.

(2) Sign a Hazardous Goods Declaration stating that their allocated box does not include any items on the Prohibited Goods List.

(3) Pay any balance owing on the Quarterly Fees Payable in Advance.

A delivery will be deemed to have taken place (and the Contract will commence) where a Box has been delivered to the address nominated by the Customer. In the absence of any instruction by the customer, the BigBox driver will unload and level the Box in a location optimized for access both by the Customer and the BigBox delivery vehicle.

BigBox will only deliver to a Nominated Site if the BigBox driver believes the vehicle and lifting equipment are capable of safely delivering and retrieving the box after it is loaded. If the BigBox driver cannot, or chooses not to deliver to the Customer’s preferred location, the Customer’s pre-payment will be returned in full within seven days.

BigBox will not deliver a Box to a public area such as a street, shared laneway or public carpark. BigBox will deliver to a garage (subject only to sufficient height and space), a front or back yard (subject only to suitable vehicle access), or, in the case of unit dwellers, a nominated parking lot in a secure parking area (subject to height of access).

A BigBox is not guaranteed to be weather-proof, nor does BigBox provide any warranty that the contents of a Box cannot be affected by weather related events. The Customer will ask that the Box be located in a weather protected area or, where this is not possible, provide a suitable cover for the Box in the event of rain.

BigBox may defer the Scheduled Delivery Day should weather forecasts indicate delivery to be impractical.

The Customer will be entirely responsible for loss, theft, or damage to their box and its contents during the period it is housed at their nominated address. The Customer’s maximum liability for loss or damage to a BigBox is:

– for Big Box 1: $500.00

– for Big Box 2: $750.00

– for Big Box 3: $1000.00

– for Big Box 4: $1500.00

Initial Pick-up

The Customer will place their own items in the Box during the period between the Scheduled Delivery Day and the next Scheduled Pick Up day, provided that this period be not less than seven days.

The Customer will place their own padlock on their storage box, and will not be required to provide BigBox staff with a copy of the key.

The Boxes are not intended for the purpose of on-site customer storage. The Customer agrees to make any delivered BigBox available for pick-up and storage (or delivery to another, agreed site) on the next Scheduled Pick-up Day and not more than one week following initial delivery.

Having accepted delivery of a Box, the Customer will provide BigBox with sufficient access to the property to allow the company to return the box into secure storage on the next Scheduled pick-up Day. The Customer specifically authorizes BigBox staff and vehicles to enter the property on the Scheduled Pick-up Day to collect the Box.

On the next Scheduled Pick-up Day, BigBox will return to the initial delivery site, collect the box/es and transport them to the BigBox secure storage facility.

Failure to provide BigBox with sufficient access to collect the Box within two weeks of delivery will constitute grounds for BigBox to terminate the contract (see Contract Termination below).

The Customer agrees to limit the weight of contents packed into a Box to the Contents Load Limit applicable to the particular class of box, as set out below:

• BigBox 1: 150kg

• BigBox 2: 1 tonne

• BigBox 3: 1.5 tonnes

• BigBox 4: 2 tonnes

The BigBox vehicle is equipped with digital weighing equipment which may be used to weigh a load. Loads in excess of the Contents Load Limit will not be accepted. Where a load is not accepted due to over-weight, the Customer agrees to either remove items until the weight limit is met, or request the supply of another Box (up to a limit of three boxes per Customer). If items cannot be removed within 30 minutes, BigBox will return to pick up the Box in one week’s time. An additional $50 will be charged for a second return for pick-up.

BigBox will notify each Customer of the Nominated Delivery and Pick-up days that apply to their area. Should this fall on a public holiday, BigBox will provide the service on the day prior, by written advice to the Customer, or by individual arrangement.

In Storage

The Company will transport and store the Customer’s storage Box in a Secure Storage Facility.

The Customer will be entitled to know where his or her Box is located.

The Company will identify the Box and its location within the storage facility and maintain records to permit timely retrieval of the Box when the Customer requires it.

The Company will provide a secure environment for the Customer’s box by maintaining a security fence around the property, providing and maintaining fire-fighting equipment, a burglar alarm system and video surveillance.

The Company will protect the Customer’s goods on a best efforts basis, but all goods are stored at the Customer’s risk.

The Customer may make arrangements to visit the storage facility to pick up or deliver goods, in which case his or her Box will be retrieved and made available, but for security and safety reasons Customers will not be permitted to enter the Company’s warehouse.

Re-deliveries and Pick-up’s

During the storage contract, the Customer may, on giving seven days’ notice, call on BigBox to re-deliver their box or boxes to the address nominated on the contract or an alternative address if preferred.

Following re-delivery, BigBox will return the Box to storage on the next Nominated Re-Delivery Day. The period between re-delivery and pick-up will not exceed seven days.

During the Re-delivery period, the customer will be responsible for the safety and security of the Box and its contents. This will include providing weather protection for the Box and its contents if required.

A fee of $50 applies for deliveries and pick-ups during the storage contract. A single exemption from this fee applies after three months of continuous storage contract or contracts. The number of re-delivery fee exemptions accumulates at the rate of one for every three months of continuous storage contract.

These free re-deliveries and pickups apply only to the Scheduled Delivery Day and subsequent Scheduled Pick-up Day. For all other days, the fee will be by negotiation, but will not be less than twice the standard rate.

The Customer may request the BigBox driver to return the Box to secure storage on the day of re-delivery, provided only that the addition or removal of items from the box can be achieved in less than 30 minutes. If the waiting period exceeds 30 minutes, the BigBox driver can elect to return on the next Scheduled Pick-Up Day.

Contract Termination

The contract is terminated by the Customer giving BigBox seven days’ notice of his or her intention to quit, by phone or in writing AND paying any fees owing up to and including the date of termination. The termination date cannot be set for any date earlier than three months from the date of the initial contract.

Where storage fees remain unpaid for two continuous months, the Customers goods will be forfeited and disposed of through public auction, at which point the Agreement will be deemed to have lapsed.

The BigBox storage module remains the property of BigBox Storage & Shipment Systems. Failure to make the BigBox available for pick-up on two Scheduled Pick-up Days (one week apart) will entitle BigBox to invoice the Customer and press for payment for the Box in their possession on the following basis:- BigBox 1: $500.00- BigBox 2: $750.00- BigBox 3: $1000.00- BigBox 4: $1,500.00. Payment by the Customer for the Box terminates the contract with no refunds due or payable at termination.

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