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Ordering Your BigBox

Call BigBox on 02 61128251 to order your BigBox for delivery on the next scheduled delivery day (Friday for Canberra/Queanbeyan/Yass).

How Many Cubic Meters Do I Need?

The short answer is: ‘more than you think!’ or ‘less than you think!’, depending largely upon how tightly you pack. It can be surprising how much you can fit into a cubic meter, particularly when you pack items within items.

We suggest you box or stack your items in the corner of a single room, and measure the total volume. Select a BigBox to suit, after making sure the box dimensions are sufficient to accommodate your longest or tallest items.

If you pack your BigBox and find you do not have enough space, then order a second BigBox at half the scheduled price for that box and it will be delivered to you on the date the original box was due for pick-up.

Packing and Securing Your Possessions

Place large or heavy items such as washing machines and refrigerators to the rear of the storage unit. Fill the remaining floor area with boxes; heavier boxes to the bottom and lighter boxes to the top.

Finally, place any items you might need to access closest to the door. Use removalist’s blankets, bubble-wrap and tape to protect any items with vulnerable surface finishes.

Each size of BigBox has its own weight limit, as set out below:

BigBox 1: 150kg

BigBox 2: 1 tonne

BigBox 3: 1.5 tonnes

BigBox 4: 2 tonnes

Each BigBox includes rope, shock cords or straps to help you secure your load from moving in transit. Your BigBox driver will demonstrate how to use them. If time permits, he may even help you pack!

The Customer will place their own padlock on their storage box, and will not be required to provide BigBox staff with a copy of the key.

What Not to Store

• Irreplaceable items, such as jewellery or items of sentimental value.

• Items requiring a highly controlled environment, such as valuable works of art, leather goods, and fur clothing.

• Any goods that are illegal, stolen, perishable, inflammable, explosive, or environmentally harmful to your own, or other people’s possessions, This includes firearms and ammunition, food and wine (whether stored in cans, cartons or glass containers), pressure packs (including aerosols and gas canisters) batteries (large and small; wet-cell or dry), liquids and emulsions such as paints, varnishes, thinners, oil, petroleum or paint (however stored), cleaning or other chemicals such as chlorine or acid, matches, candles and lighters. Remove all fuel and sump oil from motors and machinery such as lawnmowers and powered garden tools.

The First Pick-up

On the next Scheduled Pick-up Day, BigBox will return to the initial delivery site, collect the box/es and transport them to the BigBox secure storage facility.

In Storage

The BigBox  remote storage site is situated at the Hilltops Storage Park in Harden NSW. The property features security perimeter fencing and a live-in caretaker.

The 500-square meter storage facility is equipped with fire-fighting and alarm systems and 24-hour video surveillance.

The Company will protect the Customer’s goods on a best efforts basis, but all goods are stored at the Customer’s risk.

The Customer may make arrangements to visit the storage facility to pick up or deliver goods, in which case his or her Box will be retrieved and made available, but for security and safety reasons Customers will not be permitted to enter the Company’s warehouse.

Accessing Your BigBox

You access your BigBox by ordering a re-delivery on the next scheduled delivery day. For example, Monday and Friday are the scheduled days for Canberra/Queanbeyan deliveries and pick-up’s. If you can retrieve, add, or replace the items you want within 30 minutes, your BigBox can return to storage on the same day. If not, it will be picked up on the next scheduled day.

For every six months of continuous storage, you can claim one free re-delivery. Otherwise, a delivery and retrieval fee of $50 is payable to cover road kilometers and labour time. The fee is paid at the time you book your re-delivery.

Urgent pick up’s and deliveries can be arranged at short notice, but do cost more.

Insuring your contents

Our insurances do not cover your goods because insurance increases the costs of storage. It is also difficult to arrange when we don’t know what items your box contains, or their replacement values.

Customers may insure the contents of their Box at their own cost if they elect to do so. Big Box will provide any information the customer’s insurer requires.

If your goods are already insured, we suggest you check with your existing insurer, because you may find that your existing policy covers, or can be endorsed to cover items in temporary storage.

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